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Daisy Bridgewater, The Telegraph  - " The Amazing ABC Adventure by Lorna Maxwell is a charming book with fabulous illustrations which will interest babies and their elder siblings"

The best ABC ever
"This book has been lovingly illustrated and each character has it's own personality. It is truly exceptional. My children and I have spent hours exploring each page, we are all learning and laughing at something new every time we pick it up. It is a revolutionary way to educate.  It will be a book to hold on to for a lifetime to pass down from generation to generation."

BUY THIS BOOK! The new 'where's wally' of kids books
"The art work in this children's book is excellent and will keep kids (and parents) of all ages engrossed for hours!

Everytime you think you've spotted everything there is to see, something else pops up! I would definitely recommend this book!"
"This is a perfect gift and a lovely way to teach children their letter sounds and words, the illustrations are beautiful" - James Daly, Guardsman Cleaning

"My children absolutely loved the book, its beautiful and magical in so many ways." - Eva Hamilton, The Warrior Programme

"I have loved sharing this book with my grandchildren who are fascinated with the detail in the drawings and all the fun, unusual words"

Full of warmth . . . as far removed from those dull and sterile ABCs of my childhood as one can imagine . . .

The Amazing ABC Adventure is a fantastic engaging read for young children and helps to develop their sense of fun and awareness of their surroundings.