Limited Edition Prints
Lorna has been drawing pictures for children for many years and here are a collection of limited edition prints available to buy.  They make a perfect gift for a new arrival or godchild.

Balloon Ride, Noah’s Ark, Bathtime, The Nursery, Farmyard Frolic, Circus Parade, Tractor Taxi, The Tearaway Express.

The prices of the prints are listed below the images, mounted pictures are also available at an additional cost of £10 each.

Balloon Ride - £28 (limited to 800) 31cm x 41.5cm
Noah's Ark - £30 (limited to 800) 54cm x 38cm
Bathtime - £35 (limited to 500) 46cm x 30cm
The Nursery - £28 (limited to 800) 46cm x 30.5cm
Circus Parade - £30 (limited to 800) 60cm x 23cm
Tractor Taxi - £30 (limited to 800) 58cm x 23cm
The Tearaway Express - £30 (limited to 800) 58cm x 23cm
Farmyard Frolics - £30 (limited to 800) 60cm x 23cm
The Ellie Family - £35 (limited to 350) 58cm x 24cm
Ballerinas - £35 (limited to 350) 58cm x 24cm